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Each decentralized solution we deliver is based on the two core building blocks of the FileChain technology (FileChain Ledgers and FileChain Treasuries) complemented by one or more applications customized to perfectly match the customer’s vision, business needs, technical specifications, hosting requirements, and more.

FileChain and its partners provide many ways to deliver cost-effective, highly scalable decentralized platforms following well established engagement programs with any new customer.

FileChain Applications

Each FileChain Application contains specific business logic customized to your vision and needs for decentralized service networks.

A FileChain Ledger typically regroups a number of FileChain Nodes running the ledger itself as well as a number of FileChain Agents for all digital identities to transact with each other on ledger. Multiple FileChain Applications can be uploaded at runtime (much like Add-ons or Plugins) both on FileChain Agents and FileChain Nodes to augment and customize the features and services provided beyond off-the-shelves FileChain Ledgers and FileChain Treasuries.

FileChain Applications support milli-second level transaction time, massive scale and can be deployed independently or combined to deliver composite services and feature-rich solutions for any B2B, B2B2C or B2C context in virtually any industry.

FileChain Deployment

The FileChain technology stack has been designed from the very start to minimize the computing resources needed and can be deployed within any hosting environment of your choice or proposed by FileChain partners to dramatically lower the operational cost once in production.

FileChain Demo

A 30 min demonstration of FileChain Ledgers, FileChain Treasuries and example applications is available upon request to discover the breadth of the FileChain offering and how to engage further.  Contact us for more details. 

FileChain SDK

FileChain software platform has been in development for a number of years and includes  more than 300K lines of production-ready code, with a reference implementation in Java.  
The FileChain SDK provides all means for full automation and rule-based processing of any business logic and includes a wide range of APIs as well as REST web services to deliver full-fledged applications running on top of the FileChain Ledgers and FileChain Treasuries.
The FileChain SDK also provides a large number of APIs for administration, dev-ops and has been designed to lower the integration cost into legacy systems.
Application engineers do not need to have any expertise in decentralized blockchain technology nor cryptography to start building their own applications and services.

FileChain Services

FileChain provides a range of consulting services to help you at every step of the way from high level concept idea to business model definition to product definition to engineering development and to deployment.

FileChain Partners

FileChain has signed a number of partnership agreements to make available in no time additional expertise, engineering resources and deployment teams. Partners with 1000+ engineers already in the program can provide all engineering resources required to deliver cost-effective large projects of any size.

FileChain follows a strict process to select partners and to ensure the highest level of collaboration between all parties. Contact us to start the evaluation process and join the FileChain community.



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