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FileChain provides a large range of consulting services to engage

with anyone from C-level executive to engineer to business decision maker.

Our know-how extends beyond decentralized platforms into a number of more traditional industries as well as many successful world-class deployments.

This broad of expertise combined with our ability to translate complex concepts into concrete real-world usages gives us a unique point of view on the true potential of decentralized platforms as well as a number of pitfalls and misconceptions.

Contact us as we are eager to share more.

Strategic Advisory

FileChain provides strategic advisory and business consulting services to understand market offerings, what is required to go from a concept idea to full scale production deployment, how to drive adoption within one organization and within a federation of business players as well as the pros & cons of specific private or public blockchain offerings.

FileChain can provide guidance towards truly innovative and forward-looking business models such as outcome-as-a-service in industry 4.0 and large scale 5G networks and can help redefine the concept of provenance in supply chain, shipping and any property-right industry for instance.

Knowledge Transfer

FileChain provides in-depth educational, interactive Q&A sessions to fully understand what blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are, what those new decentralized IT constructs can and can not do and how much they cost to build and to operate.

Solution Definition

FileChain provides consulting services to define jointly any new product or service including any element of decentralization. The initial stage is a brainstorming activity to learn more from each other as we do not have all the answers.


Once a high-level commercial and technical outline has been agreed by all stakeholders with a go/no-go decision point, the second stage of engagement includes the definition of all the building blocks, how to onboard new participants, how to integrate existing legacy systems, how to deploy, how to manage such infrastructure 24/7 and how to administer the governance of such decentralized platform within a potentially large federation of actors.

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