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End-To-End Privacy At Scale

Enable privacy at scale between thousands or millions of independent end-points and with full granularity as there is never a single bit of information revealed to any other party without a need to know.

Contract Management

Streamline contract management and licenses with suppliers, resellers and even competitors all operating on the same platform to reduce operational cost and integrate newcomers in no time.

Papertrail Reduction

Digitally sign any document, agreement, legal prose, program milestone directly on ledger to progress legally-binding activities within a federation of independent actors.

Overlay For Legacy Systems

Bridge many legacy systems through a single point of integration for significant savings and interconnect many ERP systems from different companies or different business units effortlessly.


Support millions of transactions per day, where onboarding, due-diligence and workflows can be highly automated to enable growth by network effect.

Full Stack Offering

Deploy a full stack offering from protocol level to business-logic applications with no dependency on any other blockchain and with no specific hosting requirement for a very low operational cost compared to the competition.


Large scale, jointly owned, platform to assert anything :
Identities, statements, agreements, assets, documents, knowledge, workflows.

Assert Anything
Identities, Statements, Agreements, Assets, Documents, knowledge, Workflows.

A FileChain Ledger enables many independent parties (companies, individuals, autonomous systems, administrations) to onboard each other, to contract with each other, to transact with each other and to progress business-critical workflows with each other at scale and under strict privacy rules.

A FileChain Ledger is a unique offering compared to all decentralized solutions on the market today because of its on-chain storage of possibly very large payloads and its ability to fuse the sharing of any data or documents between parties, the consent to share and full end-to-end privacy into one single infrastructure.

A FileChain Ledger includes a number of FileChain Nodes running the ledger at the protocol level as well as a number of FileChain Agents in charge of all digital identities to push and to retrieve all signed transactions into the ledger, with any data always encrypted at rest throughout this entire network.



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Large scale decentralized platform to transfer and to guard fungible and
non-fungible assets in any environment, from non-regulated to heavily regulated.

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