Streamline the sharing of data, intellectual properties, asset tokens and execute transactions between multiple parties to improve business agility and regulatory compliance in a data driven economy.


  Forget rigid smart contracts and embrace ad hoc miniature value networks with dynamically user defined business logic


Apply a roaming model and connect chains of custody in heterogeneous blockchain and legacy environments


Exercise your freedom of choice of energy level spending and re-use of existing infrastructure close to the user 


Erase personal data automatically and permanently after a retention period and rectify a whole chain of related data




Together with our partners and customers, we are building industry-wide value networks aiming to breaking down data silos, unlocking massive data processing and enabling cross-border exchange with legal system compatibility while data owners are maintaining control over their data.



We aim to unleash the true potential of data by enabling parties of a value network to authorise entities, transact directly, form binding contracts and exchange assets while the veracity of any transaction and state is independently verified and validated by its members, notaries or regulatory bodies and privacy is assured. 



We provide an authenticated peer-to-peer network of nodes and agents with fully integrated identity service that controls admission of its trusted members as a Service or On Premise  where we support our customers in building, operating and transferring the service or in developing their own apps with our SDK.

GDPR was drafted for centralised data storage where identifiable actors control personal data. Blockchain technology is essentially a de-centralised network that works radically differently. Learn why FileChain is fully compliant and get advise from Excello Law!

W e facilitate digital transformation through distributed ledger technology that empowers business peers, individuals and even devices to trust data exchanged between parties rather than logic embedded in smart contracts that always seems out-of-date, exposed to abuse or simply unable to capture all corner cases.

This paradigm shift holds promises of ease of use, speed and simplicity that cannot be found elsewhere for digital collaboration. 

Sylvain Vittecoq, Founder and CEO

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